Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Highlights: January 2020

(January 1, 2020)


Non-enzymatic Lysine Lactoylation of Glycolytic Enzymes. Cell Chemical Biology.



Georg Wondrak, PhD

  • "Investigating the Molecular Potentiation of Cutaneous and Systemic Damage Inflicted by Co-Exposure to Solar UV Radiation and Chlorination Stress Originating from Swimming Pool Disinfectants." Presented during the "Hot Topics" session at the 2019 American College of Toxicology Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ (ACT), November 20, 2019.



Georg Wondrak, PhD served as a Guest editor for a special issue entitled: ‘Redox Dysregulation and Oxidative Stress in Cancer: Therapeutic Targets and Opportunities’ published in the journal ‘Cancers’ [IF: 6.2]. Submissions deadline: 1 June 2020.