Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Highlights: August 2019

(August 6, 2019)


    Heidi Mansour, PhD, RPh

    • Poster presentation of "Glycopeptides as Drug Candidates for Brain Delivery and as Dry Powder Inhaler for Intranasal Delivery to Bypass the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)" at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Rocky Mountain Discussion Group in Hillsboro, Oregon, July 26-27, 2019. Poster presentation by Wafaa Alabsi, a graduate student in the Pharmaceutics/Pharmacokinetics track, co-mentored by Dr. Robin Polt and Dr. Heidi Mansour.


    Nathan Cherrington, PhD, ATS

    • Invited as keynote speaker, "ADME Phenoconversion in NASH: Adverse Drug Reactions and Opportunities" at the 2nd World Congress on Gastroenterology & Hepatology, September 9-10, 2019. The conference is designed to update health care providers practicing in gastroenterology and hepatology about new approaches to the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal and liver diseases.

    Heidi Mansour, PhD, RPh

    • Dr. Mansour was a new Instructor in PharmCamp 2019. She conducted Pharmaceutics lab experiments during “Welcome to Pharmaceutics: Hands-On," with the PharmCamp students, Thursday, July 11, 2019.