Pharmacology and Toxicology Department Highlights: November 2018

(December 18, 2018)


Inhaled Medical Aerosols by Nebulizer Delivery in Pulmonary Hypertension. Pulmonary Circulation 2018; 8(4) 1–2.PMID 30351175


Xinxin Ding, PhD

Heidi Mansour, PhD, RPh


Nathan Cherrington, PhD, ATS

  • Participated on the board of the Joint Graduate Program in Toxicology at Rutgers University

Heidi Mansour, PhD, RPh

  • The American Thoracic Society (ATS) Leadership Summit (ATS Governance) invited participant as a member of the ATS Drug/Device Discovery and Development (DDDD) Leadership Committee on Oct. 18-20, 2018 (Indianapolis, Indiana).
  • New grant funding award 4 R44 AG059279-02 which is NIH NIA SBIR R44 Phase 2 grant funding award
  • Year 2 renewal 12/1/18-11/30/2019 from the NIH NIAID for grant funding award 5R21AI135935-02 Surfactant Protein A as a Novel Therapeutic for Asthma
  • Cylerus, Inc, an innovative drug delivery company gifted $30,000 to Dr. Mansour's lab