Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Announcements: Updates from Dr. Ding

The Pharmacology and Toxicology department is pleased to announce exciting additions to the department. These faculty will help build out our work in drug discovery and development.

New Faces

Three distinguished, senior faculty members have been added to the program, under joint faculty appointments.

Dr. Srini Raghavan is a professor of materials science in the College of Engineering. Dr. Raghavan already has Grad Faculty appointment in Pharmaceutics in the Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science and has been serving on College of Pharmacy Graduate Student Dissertation Committees for many years.



Dr. Roberto Guzman is a professor of biomedical engineering. He is active in the Center for Toxicology, and has been a guest lecturer in PHSC 610.




Dr. Robin Polt is a professor of chemistry, biochemistry and neuroscience. His research involves synthesis of peptide and glycopeptide drugs for neurological diseases. He tests them in vitro for activity, binding and degradation in the blood.



New Collaboration

The Pharmaceutics/Drug Delivery faculty are now part of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. This exciting new partnership aims to encourage innovative, grant-funded research and program expansion.

New Opportunities

The search is underway for a new faculty member in Pharmaceutics/Drug Delivery. This job opportunity was posted this past June, and the Department has been reviewing applications and preparing to interview candidates. The last time a Pharmaceutics professor joined the college was in 2013 when Dr. Heidi Mansour was hired.