New Director of Scientific Programs Named For All of Us Research Program at UA Banner

(Dec. 5, 2018) Dr. Karnes is an assistant professor at the UA College of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science. He also is an assistant professor in the Division of Pharmacogenomics at the Center for Applied Genetics and Genomic Medicine at the UA Health Sciences; assistant professor of applied biosciences at the UA Graduate Interdisciplinary Program; and a member of the UA Sarver Heart Center.

A pharmacogenetics expert, Dr. Karnes’ research involves studying the effect of genetics on drug response. His work uses electronic medical records to identify genetic influences on disease and severe side effects of common medications. Using “big data” and bioinformatics, Dr. Karnes aims to personalize drug treatment by identifying genetic variation that can be used to diagnose and prevent these severe side effects.

A board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist, Dr. Karnes has authored numerous manuscripts and abstracts about genome-wide association studies, pharmacogenomics of severe adverse drug reactions, pulmonary arterial hypertension and heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, a condition in which a person has a low blood platelet count.

Dr. Karnes will work with UA faculty members to leverage opportunities for scientific innovation and research using the All of Us Research Program’s resources, including access to the researcher datasets and tools. Dr. Karnes will attend Arizona leadership strategy meetings and participate in All of Us research consortium workgroups and other meetings. Please visit Dr. Karnes' faculty and laboratory websites for more information.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) leads the All of Us Research Program, and the UA and Banner Health are partners in this nationwide precision medicine research effort. The UA and Banner Health enroll participants at 14 sites in Phoenix, Tucson and Nogales.

Unlike a single research study focused on a specific disease or population, All of Us will serve as a national research resource to inform thousands of studies, covering a wide variety of health conditions that affect many people.

All eligible adults who live in the United States can join the All of Us Research Program and U.S. citizenship or permanent residency are not needed to enroll. Only people 18 or older can join at this time. There are three ways to enroll:

will be asked to create an account, give consent, agree to share access to their electronic health records and to answer health surveys. They also may be invited to visit a Banner Health site for a free appointment to have their physical measurements taken and to provide blood and urine samples. Upon completion of all of these activities, participants are compensated $25.

Participants will have opportunities over many years to provide additional data about themselves that will help researchers learn more about how individual differences in lifestyle, environment and biological makeup can influence health and disease. By taking part, participants will contribute to an effort to advance the health of generations to come.

The All of Us Research Program at University of Arizona and Banner Health is funded by National Institutes of Health Award OT2OD026549. “All of Us” is a registered service mark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).