Luann Musser Announces Her Retirement

For over a decade, Luann Musser has served as the coordinator for administrative services at the UA College of Pharmacy, Phoenix campus. In this role, she has helped ensure a smooth workflow for the college’s day-to-day operations. Recently, Luann announced her retirement, effective January 3, 2019.

Luann’s first career was in the sales department of Sears in Ann Arbor, Michigan. From 1975-1982, she remembers selling “everything from bras and panties to paint and compressors and ladders.” Before joining the UA, she worked in multiple departments at the University of Michigan (1982-1997) and Arizona State University (1997-2007).

During her time at the college, she has enjoyed watching the PharmD program grow. “Seeing an increase of Pharmacy students here on campus has been awesome!” she said.

Luann is not having a formal retirement celebration, but her Phoenix colleagues will be treating her to lunch. The College of Pharmacy thanks Luann for her years of hard work and commitment, and wishes her a very happy retirement!