2018 Skaggs Biomedical Symposium

The College of Pharmacy is honored to host the sixth biennial 2018 Skaggs Biomedical Symposium on October 4 & 5 at the College of Pharmacy Pulido Center, Drachman Hall in Tucson. In addition to faculty and students from our fellow institutions supported by the ALSAM Foundation, including Idaho State University, University of California San Diego, University of Colorado Denver, University of Montana, University of Utah and the Scripps Research Institute, we are welcoming guests from the Skaggs family and The ALSAM Foundation.

The theme for this year's Symposium is Therapeutic Development in the Era of Precision Medicine and has three program tracks to choose from: Precision Medicine, Health Outcomes and Precision Medicine, and Basic Science Research. Our keynote speaker is Akinlolu Ojo, MD, MPH, PhD, MBA, Associate Vice President for Clinical Research & Global Health Initiatives, University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, who will speak about “Broadening the Access to Precision Health Care for Arizonans through the All of Is Research Program.”

The Skaggs family and The ALSAM Foundation have been incredible supporters of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy over the years. Since 1982, their combined contributions exceeded $11 million dollars in support of the original construction and subsequent (current) expansion and renovation of the Skaggs Pharmaceutical Sciences Center, student scholarships and research.

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