HOPE Center holds 13th Annual Training Program

The 13th annual Training Program in Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomic Research was held Sept. 23-26, 2013, at the Marriott University Park. Twenty-one attendees participated in the program and represented pharmaceutical companies, managed health care organizations and academia. Eight graduate students from the UA College of Pharmacy also attended various sessions throughout the week. The program consisted of a combination of lectures and hands-on workshops.

Interactive sessions included

  • Cost-effectiveness workshop to identify costs and outcomes for a case study depending on perspective
  • Cost-utility workshop to demonstrate methods to derive utilities, including rating scales, Time Trade Off, Standard Gamble and completion of the EQ-5D
  • Decision analysis workshop where participants used a case study to create a decision tree on paper and in Excel and graph results
  • Markov workshop to develop an Excel model based on two case scenarios
  • Statistics workshop to determine type of data, most appropriate measures of central tendency and dispersion, and the most appropriate statistical test for various case scenarios
  • Literature evaluation workshop to critique a published pharmaceoconomic study and attempt to duplicate the results based on data provided in the paper
  • Data sources workshop to select appropriate databases for various case studies
  • Patient Reported Outcomes workshop to complete and score the SF-36 quality of life questionnaire
  • Designing studies workshop where groups developed pharmacoeconomic study plans and presented ideas to the overall group
  • Managed care workshop to simulate a mock P & T committee evaluation of cost and outcome information

UA alumni faculty included

  • Kristin Khalaf, MS Pharmaceutical Sciences 2011
  • Elly Olvey, PharmD 2006; PhD Pharmacoeconomics 2011
  • Kim Saverno, PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences 2011
  • Jacob Abarca, PharmD 1997; MS Pharmaceutical Sciences 2001
  • Denise Erickson, PharmD 1998