What's the latest in logos?

We’re just about to reach another switching station on the COP logo train. It’s nearly time again to trade out one official UA College of Pharmacy logo for a new model. This one’s called “the sidecar.”

COP logo - sidecar

This logo, with the College of Pharmacy words to the right of the UA’s block A, is the sidecar. Effective January 2012, print pieces, posters, slideshows, websites, merchandise and other items bearing the college’s name should apply this new logo iteration. When you use up brochures, fliers, forms, shirts or mugs with any other logo version on them, apply this new sidecar logo to the new items. The sidecar is available on the college share drive (O) in the folder College of Pharmacy Logos.

Review your websites and update them as needed, too, by March 2012, please. Contact Karin Lorentzen or Ginny Geib in Communications with your logo questions.

Of course, there’s always an exception or two to the basic rule. The sidecar logo is NOT applied to University of Arizona College of Pharmacy stationery or UA business cards.

college horizontal logoThe printer’s setup for COP stationery continues to use the logo to the left. Letterhead is the only application where this logo is now appropriate.

Business cards continue to employ the UA logo (not a Pharmacy logo). Your College of Pharmacy affiliation appears as words near your name and title on the card.

Order business cards and letterhead through the only approved vendor, WestPress. To order, go to UA Financials-Shop Catalogs-Arizona Buyways, and you won’t have logo worries on these items!

(Make sure any e-letterhead you are using matches the official UA letterhead design, too!)