Welcome, new employees

A hearty welcome to the following employees, who were hired since our last report:Barbara Collins

• Prashansa Agrawal, postdoctoral research associate, Danzhou Yang’s lab, Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Barbara Collins (pictured), student services director. Because many students need to reach Collins, a link to her contact information is provided here.
• Selene Gardner, technical expert, Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Seongmin Hahn, research specialist, Laurence Hurley’s lab, Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Selene Huerta and Raymundo Orduno, technical experts, Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Amy Kennedy, clinical assistant professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science
• Srinivasa Kota, postdoctoral research associate, Laurence Hurley’s lab, Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Hong Yu Li, associate professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Fangwei Liu, research technician, Yin Chen’s lab, Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Bob Novak, system analyst, Medication Management Center
• Nicole Schechter, project coordinator, Pharmacology and Toxicology
• Hongting Zheng, postdoctoral research associate, Donna Zhang’s lab, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Serving as pharmacy residents this fall are:
• First-year residents in pharmacy practice Ahmed Altyar, Sarah Bliss, Allison George, Maja Graonic, Daniel Massey, Courtney McKinney, Nisha Patel, Ashli Rasmussen and Brittany Traylor.
• Second-year residents in:
- critical care pharmacy Karen Holmes
- emergency medicine pharmacy Karalea Jasiak
- internal medicine pharmacy Thitima Doungngern
- nutrition support pharmacy Jennifer Baggs
- pediatric pharmacy Nicole Even