Homecoming 2011 was a hoot!

And a grand time was had by all!

The college received rave reviews for its 2011 Homecoming events (Nov. 4-5): Friday evening's reception for all in the big tent, followed by an intimate dinner for those who received awards, and a big blow-out on the UA Mall on Saturday, complete with food provided by Mr. K's and our students' entry into the Homecoming parade: a loaned (but decorated and highly energetic) school bus. Unfortunately, the Wildcats lost the football game to the upstart Utes, but that didn't dampen the mood much.

Scroll through the pics below and enjoy the party!

For many more photos of the reception, awardees dinner, 1961 class reunion, tailgate and donor brunch, all held during Homecoming, go to our college Flickr page.

man with baby girl


man shaking hands with other man


musicians assembled on patio


four smiling men at table with drinks


man at podium, others seated on stage


group of award winners on stage

man with saxophone outdoors at night




















family group at table


man by food tent with TV camera pointing at him


crowd of people under tent


Youn mom and toddler smiling



















couple in convertible car


UA students hanging out of parade bus





Mascarella + group

Homecoming 2010 was a lot of fun, too. Visit the photo page to see the smiles from that year!