Few days bring more joy than graduation

Graduate with many family members before ceremony.
Standing on stage with friends who have been through the rough times and the silly times with you.
Feeling more grateful for your professors than you've ever been before.
Smiling broadly while your really proud relatives cheer and stomp for you and your achievements.

It has to be graduation day.

For Emily Harper (shown on home page) and 92 other College of Pharmacy graduates, that day came the second Friday in May 2011. It may have been the 13th, but the participants were all smiles.

Graduation is such a momentous event that we really like sharing it.  Find more words and photos of the big day in our News section, or view the 300-plus pictures taken before, during and after the ceremony on our Flickr account (click icon in the footer of this page).We invite you to share your photos on our Facebook page, too (icon also in the footer).

3 female graduates before the ceremony  3 male graduates in robes outdoors

Graduates exiting in recessional under confetti