Two UA pharmacy researchers get achievement award

Myron Jacobson, PhD, and Elaine Jacobson, PhD, research professors, have received the Findlay E. Russell Distinguished Citizen Award for 2010 from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy.

The married couple’s research has focused on understanding the roles of niacin and niacin derived molecules in human health.

The Jacobsons are recognized as pioneers in their work on the bioactive form of niacin, or NAD, and the nuclear enzyme PARP. They are members of the Arizona Cancer Center and have been on the faculty of the UA College of Pharmacy since 2000.

The Jacobsons have excelled at both teaching and research. More than 50 graduate students and 25 postdoctoral associates have been members of their laboratory.

In 1998, their efforts to translate knowledge of niacin function toward clinical applications led to the founding of Niadyne, Inc. This fostered the development of novel compounds designed for topical delivery of niacin, one of which has been selected by the National Cancer Institute for evaluation as a skin cancer prevention agent.

The Jacobsons received the award at a Homecoming event Oct. 22. The Russell award, named for a Collegeof Pharmacyfaculty member, recognizes individuals who have contributed greatly to the reputation and achievements of the college.