Marty Baker recruits pharmacy students

“When we moved to Arizona, I knew I wanted to work with UA students,” Marty Baker says.

She worked with students in the athletic department for the University of Missouri Columbia after graduating there in 1976 with a bachelor of science in home economics journalism, with emphasis on advertising and public relations.

In 1992, Baker found a job working with Associate Dean Ted Tong and the dean’s staff at the College of Pharmacy. She stepped into her current duties as a recruiter and admissions coordinator in 1999.

baker.jpg“The best thing is the opportunity to meet and work with students in helping them to establish their goals,” she says. “It’s very rewarding, knowing you had a small part in bringing students to the college who will play a part in the healthcare profession and in the community.”

Baker recruits students from junior high through all ages, including from community colleges, high schools and out of state. She plans recruiting events and attends functions in many locations.

“Advising starts when people ask about the College of Pharmacy. We usually see students from freshman orientation on at the UA, but we also meet them at high school recruiting events, when they visit UA with their folks from in state or out of state, or as transfer students.”

She says the admissions pool has definitely grown more competitive since she’s been at COP.
“The competition has gotten higher; the GPA has gone from an average of 3.3 to a 3.7.”

She attributes part of the applicant pool’s growth to the demand for pharmacists during a national shortage.

When she’s not guiding future PharmD students, Baker enjoys spending time with her family, watching sports (especially the Wildcats), reading and taking part in prayer ministry.