Wafaa Alabsi

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate (Pharmacology and Toxicology) at the College of Pharmacy, University of Arizona (Dr.Heidi Mansour’s lab)/ Tucson, Arizona, USA.  My work involves a wide variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Perform peptides synthesis and purification at Dr.Polt's lab at the Chemistry and Biochemistry department.
  • Perform a comprehensive physiochemical characterization of compounds using different analytical techniques.
  • Design and modify the spray drying parameters (feed solvent, compound concentrations, gas flow. etc.)  to engineer dry powders with favorable properties for targeting the site of action.
  • Perform formulations using different excipients such as cyclodextrins, polymers, sugars, etc.
  • Perform in vitro cell viability experiments and TEER values measurements using different human cell lines.
  • Collaborated with a lab that specialized in performing tail-flick in vivo studies.
  • Collaborated with the core facilities such as Keck Center Instrumentation and imaging Core Kuiper for performing the physiochemical characterization such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) – Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, Confocal Raman Spectroscopy (CRM), etc.
  • Communicated scientific results through publications, departmental seminars, and poster presentations at national and international conferences.
  • Authored and reviewed standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Mentored junior graduate students.

I have worked in the pharmaceutical research unit (PRU), the first established contract research organization in Amman-Jordan as a study director, analytical manager acting, and compliance supervisor in the quality assurance department. During my 12 years on the job, I have had extensive experience in method development, validation, and analysis of various drugs in human plasma, serum, and blood. All that is in adherence with FDA and EMEA guidelines for bioanalytical method validation using different extraction methods and LC-MS/MS techniques. I was the study director of a project that the Belgium authority had inspected; the inspection passed successfully; thus, my company got the European accreditation.

As a graduate student who worked in both the organic chemistry lab and the pharmaceutical research lab, I have been given an excellent opportunity to experience the development process of peptides and glycopeptides as a drug candidate from the synthesis, formulation, characterization up to the in vitro and in vivo biological tests. So, I gained experience in peptides and glycopeptides synthesis, formulation, and in vitro cell culture & in vivo rodent studies. Excellent knowledge of most of the international guideline that is related to good practices (GxP) such as Good clinical practice (GCP) and good laboratory practice (GLP), bioanalytical method validation guidelines (FDA and EMEA), the guideline on the investigation of bioequivalence (FDA and EMEA) enable me to be in charge of establishing GMP and GLP system in my lab. Having a background in chemistry with a good experience in drug analysis and support it with further study through getting a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical and pharmacokinetics combined with working in peptides and glycopeptides synthesis helped me to have a better understanding of drugs development, validation, and analysis, and will support my career pathway for unlimited progress.

Education & Post Graduate Training: 

BS Chemistry (2000), University of Jordan MA in Educational Psychology/Measurement and Evaluation (2009), University of Jordan

Select Publications


Alabsi W, Al-Obeidi FA, Polt R, Mansour HM. "Organic Solution Advanced Spray-Dried Microparticulate/Nanoparticulate Dry Powders of Lactomorphin for Respiratory Delivery: Physicochemical Characterization, In Vitro Aerosol Dispersion, and Cellular Studies." Pharmaceutics. 2021;13(1). PMID: 33375607
Alabsi W, Acosta MF, Al-Obeidi FA, Hay M, Polt R, Mansour HM. "Synthesis, Physicochemical Characterization, In Vitro 2D/3D Human Cell Culture, and In Vitro Aerosol Dispersion Performance of Advanced Spray Dried and Co-Spray Dried Angiotensin (1-7) Peptide and PNA5 with Trehalose as Microparticles/Nanoparticles." Pharmaceutics. 2021;13(8). PMID: 34452239
Eedara BBabu, Alabsi W, Encinas-Basurto D, Polt R, Ledford JG, Mansour HM. "Inhalation Delivery for the Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19 Infection." Pharmaceutics. 2021;13(7). PMCID: PMC8308954  PMID: 34371768
Eedara BBabu, Alabsi W, Encinas-Basurto D, Polt R, Mansour HM. "Spray-Dried Inhalable Powder Formulations of Therapeutic Proteins and Peptides." AAPS PharmSciTech. 2021;22(5):185. PMID: 34143327