Victor Ikumawoyi, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Victor received his Ph. D degree in Pharmacology in 2019 from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. His research focused on reactive oxygen species and antioxidants assessment and on the toxicology of chemotherapeutics and natural products extracts within the ambits of drug discovery. He has conducted studies on drug and chemical induced hepatic and renal dysfunction utilizing indices of hepatic enzymatic and renal biomarkers and histological assessment of hepatic and renal cytoarchitecture in in vivo Pharmacology models. Besides research on Systemic Toxicology, he has worked on cellular responses to genotoxic stressors via evaluation of the degree of induction of micronuclei and cytotoxic effects of clastogenic agents.

Current research and day to day activities revolve around researching on the interplay of transcription factors in the deregulation of signaling pathways critical to the elucidation of the fundamental biology of HLRCC malignancies as an aid to the discovery and/or improvement of their management strategies.

Education & Post Graduate Training: 

PhD, 2019
MSc, 2012
BS, 2008