Sarah Denise Holzman, PharmD, CSPI

Poison Control Specialist

Sarah Denise Holzman, PharmD, clinical instructor, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science, works as a Certified Specialist in Poison Information and registered pharmacist at the University of Arizona’s Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center.

Holzman belongs to the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), North American Society of Toxinology, and Arizona Pharmacy Association. She holds an advanced hazmat life support certification and immunization certification. Her poster presentations addressed dogs and cats with scorpion stings during Venom Week 2009 and risky toys at the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology in 2011.

Education & Post Graduate Training: 

PharmD, Idaho State University, 2017
MA, Spanish, University of Arizona, 2001
BA, Spanish, University of Arizona, 1996
BS, Pharmacy, University of Arizona, 1986

Areas of Research: 

Clinical toxicology
Hazardous materials
Poison control
Snake bites

Select Publications


S Holzman D, Massey DJ, Clements A, Boesen KJ, Shirazi FM. "Arizona Ridge-nosed rattlesnake envenomation: Case report of a personal encounter with the official state reptile of Arizona, Crotalus willardi willardi." Toxicon. 2018;151:84-88. PMID: 29981814