Laurence Hurley, PhD

Professor, Medicinal Chemistry
CEO Reglagene LLC

Laurence Hurley, PhD, professor, drug discovery, College of Pharmacy Drug Discovery and Development, specializes in the design and development of anti-tumor agents. He started three biotech companies and presently serves as CEO of Reglagene, LLC, which develops small-molecule medicines to fight disease.

Hurley’s published extensively in the area of chemical biology; most recently about targeting transcriptional control through quadruplexes. Named 2017 Arizona Bioscience Researcher of the Year and inducted into the 2007 American Chemical Society Medicinal Chemistry Division Hall of Fame, he received the George and Christine Sosnovsky Award in Cancer Therapy by the ROYAL SOCIETY OF Chemistry among others.

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Education & Post Graduate Training: 

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Chemistry Department, University of British Columbia (Canada), 1972
PhD, Medicinal Chemistry, Purdue University (Indiana), 1970
BPharm, Pharmacy with Honors, Bath University (England), 1967

Areas of Research: 

Cancer Drugs
Transcriptional Control
G and C-quadruoplexes

Select Publications


Kaiser, C. E., N. A. Van Ert, P. Agrawal, R. Chawla, D. Yang, and L. H. Hurley, "Insight into the Complexity of the i-Motif and G-Quadruplex DNA Structures Formed in the KRAS Promoter and Subsequent Drug-Induced Gene Repression.", J Am Chem Soc, vol. 139, issue 25, pp. 8522-8536, 2017 06 28. PMCID: PMC5978000  PMID: 28570076


Sutherland, C., Y. Cui, H. Mao, and L. H. Hurley, "A Mechanosensor Mechanism Controls the G-Quadruplex/i-Motif Molecular Switch in the MYC Promoter NHE III.", J Am Chem Soc, 2016 Oct 11.