Jianqin Lu, BPharm, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute
Member, NCI designated UA Comprehensive Cancer Center
Member, Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center

Jianqin Lu, BPharm, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, at The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. The overarching goal of the Lu lab is to apply synthetic chemistry, nanoparticle engineering, and tumor immunology to develop safe and efficacious nanotherapeutics to address the pressing unmet needs in current cancer therapy, particularly in the emerging field of combination immunochemotherapy. The Lu Lab's expertise in Pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine and Tumor Immunology paves the way to develop transformative and clinically translatable nanoimmunotherapeutics for combatting cancers. Dr. Lu was the recipient of the Norman R. and Priscilla A. Farnsworth Award at the University of Pittsburgh, and USHHS Ruth L. Kirschstein Institutional National Research Service Award in Tumor Immunology, among others.

Education & Post Graduate Training: 

Postdoc, Nanomedicine/Tumor Immunology, University of California, Los Angeles, 2019
Postdoc, Nanomedicine, The University of Chicago, Chicago, 2015
PhD, Pharmaceutics, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, 2014
BS, Pharmacy, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Changsha, China, 2010

Areas of Research: 

Drug Delivery
Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Cancer Immunotherapy

Types of Research:

Laboratory-based Research
Basic and Applied Sciences
Translational Medicine

Select Publications


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