Heidi Mansour, PhD, RPh

Associate Professor with Tenure, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Professor, College of Medicine
Associate Professor, Clinical Translational Sciences
Therapeutic Development Program Research Member, UA NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center
Affiliate Faculty Member, UA Institute of the Environment
Associate Professor, UA BIO5 Research Institute
Track Director, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Director, PharmD/PhD Dual-Degree Joint Program

Heidi Mansour, PhD, RPh, associate professor with tenure, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, serves as associate professor, College of Medicine, Clinical Translational Sciences and at the BIO5 Institute. Other appointments include track director, pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics; associate member, NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center; affiliate faculty member, Institute of Environment and director, PharmD/PhD dual-degree joint program. As PI on multiple NIH, NSF, FDA, and pharmaceutical industrial grants, Dr. Mansour successfully leads multiple cutting-edge research projects. Her innovative research program has produced Assistant Professors who are employed at major research universities in the United States and in the Republic of S. Korea. In addition, her research program has produced Senior Research Scientists who are employed in major pharmaceutical companies in the United States. As Postdoc Mentor, Dr. Mansour has successfully mentored and trained over 10 Postdoctoral Research Scholars in my research program.  As Major Professor, Dr. Mansour has successfully trained and graduated 3 doctoral graduate students with PhD degrees. Her mentoring experience extends as an active faculty mentor in the ATS Assembly Mentorship Program for several mentees in the ATS Assemblies each year.

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    Dr. Heidi M. Mansour in the news:

    Education & Post Graduate Training: 

    Post-Doctoral, Molecular Pharmaceutics, University of North Carolina, 2008
    Post-Doctoral, Pharmaceutical Science, University of Wisconsin, 2004
    PhD Major, Pharmaceutics/Drug Delivery, University of Wisconsin, 2003
    PhD Minor, Advanced Physical and Interfacial Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, 1999
    BS, Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin, 1996

    Research Summary: 

    Editorial Advisory Board member of several journals, Mansour’s authored over 80 peer-reviewed journal publications, 13 book chapters, and co-edited 2 books. She serves on the drug-device discovery and development committee for the American Thoracic Society and annual faculty instructor, International Society of Aerosols in Medicine where she co-chaired the drug delivery: new devices and emerging therapies group.


    • Inhalation Aerosols: Physical and Biological Basis for Therapy. Hickey, A. J. and Mansour, H.M. (Editors), Third Edition, Lung Biology in Health and Diseases Series, Executive Editor, Dr. Claude Lenfant, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, London, United Kingdom. (2019) 418 pages. ISBN 9781138064799
    • Nanomedicine in Drug Delivery. Kumar, A., Mansour, H.M., Friedman, A., and Blough, E. (Editors), CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, London, United Kingdom. (2013) 469 pages. ISBN: 9781466506169


    Areas of Research: 

    Cystic fibrosis
    Inhaled medical aerosols
    Lung transplantation
    Pulmonary hypertension
    Nanotechnology and nanomedicine
    Lung surfactant and respiratory distress syndrome
    Infectious diseases
    Acute lung injury
    CNS and brain neurotherapeutics
    Inhaled medical aerosols and inhaler devices
    Advanced drug delivery systems
    Drug-device combination products
    In vitro USP/FDA performance testing
    In vitro 2-D/3-D human cellular models for drug transport
    In vivo animal models for PK/PD

    Select Publications


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