Celina Zerbinatti, PhD

Associate Professor
Co-Director, Arizona Center for Drug Discovery

Celina Zerbinatti, PhD, is Co-Director of the Arizona Center for Drug Discovery (ACDD) and Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, Tucson. Dr. Zerbinatti obtained her BS, MS and PhD degrees from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and completed her postdoctoral training at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, MO. Dr. Zerbinatti is an accomplished senior leader from the pharmaceutical sector. She gained extensive drug discovery experience at Merck Research Laboratories, where she led program teams in the area of neuroscience for almost 10 years. She then joined Evotec AG as the scientific and operational head of a broad drug discovery alliance on Huntington's disease with the CHDI Foundation. Expanding into the biotech sector, Dr. Zerbinatti was a senior consultant for the Dementia Discovery Fund at SV Health Investors and, most recently, the head of biology at E-Scape Bio, a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of small molecule drugs to treat genetically-defined neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Zerbinatti is currently a scientific advisor for Reglagene, a spin-off company from the University of Arizona developing novel medicines to control gene expression through targeting of DNA quadruplexes. She is also a senior consultant for drug discovery at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development, a privately-funded institute affiliated with John Hopkins University focused on Schizophrenia research.


Areas of Interest:

Drug Discovery 
Target Validation
Assay Development 
High Throughput Screening
In Vitro Pharmacology
In Vivo Pharmacology
Disease Model Development
Biomarker Discovery

Education & Post Graduate Training: 

PhD, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1994
MS, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1988
BS, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1984

Professional Organizations: 

Society for Neuroscience

Select Publications


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