The History of Pharmacy Museum has items it can and cannot accept as donations. Please see the list below and contact Stephen Hall if you can assist.

Items the museum MAY accept:

  1. Drugstore fixtures and displays
  2. Ceramic apothecary jars
  3. Glass apothecary shelf bottles
  4. Show globes
  5. Leech jars
  6. Schering mortars and pestles from 1998 or 2002 (see images)
  7. Bottles of cod liver oil
  8. Empty bottles labeled for cocaine or other controlled substances
  9. Soda fountain/ice cream machine fixtures

Items the museum will NOT accept:

  1. Drug/chemical products or their containers
  2. Scales and balances
  3. Mortars and pestles (besides the two listed above)
  4. Books/catalogs/magazines/journals
  5. Weight sets
  6. Pictures (framed or unframed)
  7. Laboratory glassware
  8. Medical equipment

Examples of acceptable items:

Apothecary Jar

Apothecary Shelf Bottle

1998 Schering

2002 Schering


*The museum cannot reimburse for shipping expenses. Local pickup or dropoff may be available in the Tucson area.

For more information

Stephen M. Hall, M.A.
Curator, History of Pharmacy Museum
Drachman Hall B113A