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Overall results showed that once-daily extended-release tacrolimus tablets were incrementally more costly and more effective than twice-daily immediate-release therapy among Hispanic and Black kidney transplant recepients.

Wishing all the best to our newest graduates from the Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes doctoral program.

Recognizing three doctoral students from the Health and Pharmaceutical Outcomes program for their excellence in research and outstanding academic success.

Adherence to noninsulin antidiabetic medications was associated with more outpatient and fewer inpatient visits, as well as lower total expenditures compared with nonadherence.

Results warrant future consideration towards implementing advanced clinical decision support systems (CDSS) with appropriate systematic training programs in other pharmacy settings.

A recent HOPE Center study estimated total lifetime costs of valley fever in Arizona at $736 million. 

Economic benefits associated with statin adherence were observed within a one-year period for a large cohort of adult statin users with commercial health plans.

Results support use of a motivation-and-work-performance questionnaire across medication management center (MMC) sites nationwide.

The current issue of Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy (JMCP) features a 2017 HOPE Center study as one of the most significant topics in the field over the past 25 years.

Medication adherence among those taking statins was related to better disease control, less inpatient and outpatient visits and costs, and lower costs overall despite having higher prescription drug costs.

Results suggest significant monetized benefit with use of adjunctive hydrocortisone therapy in critically ill patients with septic shock.

Study warns it is not possible to use CPT codes to identify all patients receiving MTM services. Raises call for more accurate claims analysis methods to identify MTM use and its effects on patient outcomes.

Substantial geographic variation exists in the prevalence of HRM use among older adults in Medicare, regardless of prescription drug plan.

College of Pharmacy PhD graduate and faculty publish 8 articles describing methods for pharmaceutical pricing in a special issue of the Journal of Medical Economics.

Adults aged ≥50 years prescribed an opioid had up to 105% greater total health care expenditures