Research and Partnership

Universities have outstanding disease and technology experts, however, they often lack unified, streamlined resources to develop a drug. By translating current research into commercialized opportunities, the Arizona Center for Drug Discovery aims to create a portfolio that spans biologic targets, therapeutic areas and modalities, and aligns with industry seeking cures for diseases. 

The Center works with faculty members and established scientists at the UA to assemble teams around shared research projects in drug discovery and development. Faculty members receive mentorship and are provided guidance regarding how to get started in drug discovery. Concurrently, the Center works with various pharmaceutical company academic partnership programs to showcase project concepts, technology platforms and advanced models of disease. If the innovation aligns with the pharmaceutical partner’s interests, the Center helps to facilitate building a multiyear, integrated research plan with the objective to deliver an effective medicine. The Center supports UA-funded projects by assisting to advance potential drug candidates through the required phases of efficacy and safety testing, which involves Investigational New Drug (IND) enabling studies.

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