Other Programs

The College of Pharmacy not only prepares individuals for careers in pharmacy practice and research, it also provides many services and outreach to local communities and health care professionals. 

Skaggs Challenge (Account 20-10-0248)

To support construction, expansion, renovation and maintenance of the Skaggs Pharmaceutical Building. 

College of Pharmacy General Fund (Account 20-10-2649)

Funds support the College of Pharmacy in areas stipulated by the Dean. 

Poison and Drug Information Center (Account 20-10-0692)

The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center needs to expand development efforts to increase revenue to offset significant funding cuts over the past years. This center not only answers calls from the public and health care professionals about exposures to poison and drugs, but also conducts research on anti-venom for bites and stings. The center is also home to the Arizona Pregnancy Riskline, which provides information about the safety of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Pharmacy Research Fund (Account 20-10-0692)

Supports research efforts of College of Pharmacy faculty. 

Student Activities (Account 20-10-0692)

Students at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy have a wide variety of opportunities to develop their leadership and professional skills through roles in student organizations, clubs and at outreach events benefitting local communities.  

Pharmacy Museum (Account 20-10-0692) 

Spanning throughout the Skaggs Pharmaceutical Sciences Center and the Pulido Center of Drachman Hall, the pharmacy museum contains hundreds of thousands of items, including bottles, original drug containers, books, store fixtures and artifacts from Arizona (circa 1880 to 1950) and elsewhere. 

Community Engagement Events (Account 20-10-2722)

This funding supports events and outreach materials to address environmental health impacts.

Continuing Education (Account 20-10-2147)

This fund supports the training (live & online), information, and collaboration on health economic and outcomes research (HEOR), including pharmacoeconomic evaluation. 

Blank, Max and Molly Rural Health Program Endowment (Account 40-10-4613)

The Fund is expanding the scope and impact of the Rural Health Professions Program and establishing a professional certificate in Pharmacy-Related Health Disparities. 

For more information, please contact the UAHS Development office, 520-626-5752, toll-free 877-518-4638, or email give@uahs.arizona.edu.