Alumni News

Professor Hank Winship inspired students and started the Southwestern Clinical Pharmacy Seminar. Alumnus Bill Francis credits Winship with guiding his career, and thinks the professor would be proud of the quality the clinical seminar maintains today.

Amanda Baker is on a mission: to find ways for cancer patients enjoy a better quality of life. To help her do that, she chose to earn both a PhD and a PharmD from the UA College of Pharmacy.

Three College of Pharmacy administrators, including Dean J. Lyle Bootman (left), will receive significant national recognition this spring.

Three College of Pharmacy administrators, including Dean J. Lyle Bootman (left), will receive significant national recognition this spring.

David Nix is the principal investigator on a significant grant the college has received to design and manage a Phase II clinical trial of a new drug to treat valley fever.

2010 PharmD graduates Brittany Traylor and Tom Skrentny earned kudos for their senior research work into how genetic makeup affects lung function in people with cystic fibrosis.

Two task forces, formed as a result of the internal survey done in preparation for the re-accreditation audit last fall, are working to create a high quality environment at COP.

A team of researchers led by Donna Zhang, PhD, has shown that a compound from the fruit of the Brucea javanica tree, when used in combination with chemotherapy, reduces cell proliferation and causes a reduction in tumor growth.

Walgreens reps, in and out of costume, were at the college in December to visit students (such as Jared LaBuda, left), faculty and staff and lend company support.

Thanks to a lot of hard work by many members of the COP team, the college passed its re-accreditation audit with flying colors.

A highlight of December 2010 was the celebration surrounding the conferral of an honorary degree to Patrick Soon-Shiong, a visionary in healthcare reform and an accomplished researcher and surgeon.

Joshua Williams completed his PhD degree in pharmaceutical sciences in 2010 and along the way discovered a phenomenon that may lead to a weapon in the fight against skin cancer.

Lauren Babits helped educate students in 2006 as coordinator for Katy’s Kids, a National Community Pharmacists Association program that takes pharmacy students into elementary schools to teach children about medicine.

Charlie Burnett will be the first to tell you he’s been lucky. Burnett, who graduated from UA with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in 1959, is senior vice president of pharmacy at Costco. He works at corporate headquarters in Issaquah, Wash., just outside of Seattle.

When Jennifer Esch walked down the stage to receive her diploma, she had much more than a high GPA. Esch graduated in May 2010 with more work experience than some people get their entire lives.

Most students begin to feel like pharmacists after completing rotations out in the field. However, Marjan Sepassi, a 2010 PharmD graduate, felt more like Sherlock Holmes during one of her experiences.

This 1977 COP graduate is a clinical instructor who teaches first-year pharmacy students. Along with teaching them pharmacy law and the top 200 drugs prescribed in the U.S. in his two-semester pharmaceutical calculations and pharmacy practice lab and lecture course, he says, “I share with them day-to-day experiences.” 

Ann Kerschen job-shadowed doctors and nutritionists. She thought about many other healthcare jobs. She considered majoring in math, physics, psychology and biochemistry. She played with the idea of being an ophthalmologist. Then she shadowed her step-cousin, a hospital pharmacist in Reno, Nev., and that cemented her decision.

Kristina De Los Santos wasn’t content just being the first college graduate in her family. She also had to graduate magna cum laude from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy with her PharmD in 1999.