AHSC Online Memo Generator Instructions

Reach more than 3,400 employees of the Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC) in Tucson and the UA Biomedical Campus in Phoenix.

Memo Generator is an automated online service offered by the AHSC Office of Public Affairs. You have a choice between five different template options for the College of Pharmacy.

Follow the prompts and cut and paste your press release into the body of the Memo. You can also attach documents such as PDF and photo files. Your memo will be reviewed by the AHSC Office of Public Affairs before distribution.


  • Visit UAHS Memo Generator
  • Enter your Net ID and Password
  • Click on Memos
  • Click on Create a New Memo and choose a distribution list
    • AHSC-All, Tucson
    • AHSC-All, Phoenix
    • AHSC-All, Tucson & Phoenix.
  • Enter the Subject of your memo. Find and click on the College of Pharmacy Template. The Memo template allows you to upload up to four photos and attach a PDF file such as a flyer. The Event template allows you to upload one photo and attach a file. Note: The COP has five different template options.
  1. Memo
  2. Event
  3. Memo with two images
  4. Memo with four images
  5. Memo with one image. 
  • Paste content into the correct fields.