About the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Drugs are front and center in today’s society.  Pharmaceutical Sciences are the foundation of new drug design, development and delivery. From discovering new therapies to testing and manufacturing new medications, a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) from the University of Arizona is a springboard to careers in pharmacy, medicine, biotechnology, drug development, and regulatory affairs.

The UA BSPS is a new, four-year degree program designed by experts in pharmaceutical sciences to produce graduates who understand drug design, development and regulation. The BSPS curriculum will prepare you for immediate employment in many biomedical research settings, as well as making you a competitive applicant for post-baccalaureate education in graduate or health-professional studies.  It is the only degree of its kind in the southwestern US.  

BSPS Versus a PharmD

Completion of the BSPS degree does not qualify graduates to take the state board examination to become a registered pharmacist; students who are interested in pursuing this career path must complete a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. The BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences will prepare students to be very competitive applicants to PharmD programs.

Learning Outcomes

Our overarching goals for the BSPS program are to graduate students who will have the ability to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of chemical-biological interactions as related to current drugs and the discovery and development of new drugs;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the governmental regulation of the drug development process, including the demanding requirement for stringently controlled research;
  • apply the scientific method to address gaps in knowledge, through hypothesis formulation, data collection/analysis, and rational interpretation;
  • understand the techniques, skills, and modern tools in use by pharmaceutical science industry;
  • communicate effectively in written and oral presentation.