Student Reporting Hours

The page describes the steps to correctly report your rotation hours in CORE Elms.


Do this the day before your last rotation day, so that it is ready for your preceptor to approve on the last rotation day. 

  1. Login to CORE Elms (RXPreceptor).
    Select "Hours Tracking/Timesheet". A log of unconfirmed hours will appear.
  2. Click on "Record New Hours" in the upper right-hand corner and select your preceptor/site
    Do not select a preceptor entity that is designated “M-site” or “S-site.”  Scroll down to those designated “INDV” to find the preceptor’s name.  For a few rotations, you may see your preceptor designated “COORD.”
  3. Enter the start and end date for the hours you are reporting.
    Enter the total hours completed for this rotation. Ignore the "time in" and "time out" section.
  4. Add any comments/descriptions of your schedule that you believe are necessary.
    However, You do not need to put anything here.
  5. Upload an electronic file of your Report of Intern Hours form that is signed by your preceptor.
    All of your hours for each day of each week need to be documented on this form. You can create an electronic file by scanning or taking a picture of the document.
  6. Submit hours.
    The system will send an email to your preceptor.
  7. On your last rotation day, make sure your preceptor has the instructions below
    Ask him/her to login to CORE (Rxpreceptor) and approve your hours.
If you need to modify a pending hour report
  1. Return to the hours tracking screen and Click "Edit"
  2. If you need to delete the report completely, Click "Delete"