Pre-Rotation Requirements

Students must meet several requirements before beginning rotations. Because requirements are subject to change, you may wish to check this section frequently. 

Detailed information about immunization requirements can be found on the Campus Health webpage. Students must keep their Campus Health Patient Link portal updated throughout pharmacy school. In addition, students must submit their updated immunization records to the Experiential Education department.


Students are required to have health insurance while on rotations. Please upload a copy of your insurance card (front and back) into CORE Elms. The College of Pharmacy does not provide health insurance coverage should the student become sick or injured while at a rotation site. 

Students are required to obtain and maintain a valid fingerprint clearance card. 

To participate in patient-related activities (such as health fairs) and rotation activities, a student must be a registered pharmacy intern. Each student must comply with Arizona Pharmacy Rules and Statutes, including notifying the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy of change of mailing address within ten days.

Students completing rotations out of state must obtain required registration in that state and comply with intern regulations of that state.

Students must have their intern license with them when reporting to a rotation site.
Learn more about Pharmacy Intern License

All students must have CPR certification in accordance with the curriculum of the American Heart Association for Healthcare Providers.  

All students must have certification regarding application of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Training is available to UA students through UAccess Learning. 
Learn more about HIPAA Training Certification

Students must observe infectious disease prevention policies of the rotation site as well as Universal Precautions to prevent contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials. 

Prior to rotations, students must complete Blood Borne Pathogen Safety training that is made available to UA students through UAccess Learning. 
Learn more about safety training

Students should be aware that some rotation facilities require additional background checks and/or urine drug screening. Unless these are paid for by the rotation facility, students will bear the expense of such screening. Neither the University of Arizona nor the College of Pharmacy pays or reimburses the expenses related to background checks, drug screening or fingerprint clearance.

Should a criminal background check be required, a variety of sources are available.  Students should check with the institution requiring the background check before choosing a vendor.

There must be an affiliation agreement between the UA and the rotation site to take pharmacy students.  This document provides the legal framework to establish the facility as a rotation site for students to earn intern hours and academic credit. At each contracted rotation site, there must be an appointed preceptor through which rotation activities are coordinated.

The College of Pharmacy is enrolled in a malpractice insurance policy that covers students during their participation in the experiential program. This policy only covers the student for professional liability as a pharmacy intern while doing rotations assigned by the College of Pharmacy. 

If the student is involved in activities beyond the scope of pharmacy practice and his or her level of training, he or she will not be covered by this policy. This policy does not cover students performing intern activities outside the College of  Pharmacy experiential program.

In accordance with UA and ACPE guidelines, students may not be compensated monetarily for experiential training on rotations. Students receive academic credit from the College of Pharmacy and intern hour credit from the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy after successful completion of each rotation. To receive intern hour credit for an out-of-state rotation, the student must have a valid intern license in the state where the rotation was completed.  Students will not receive intern hour credit for international rotations.