PharmD Preceptors

The PharmD curriculum gives students many opportunities to learn directly from practicing pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Through the experiential education program, students incrementally develop their pharmacy practice skills in a wide variety of real-life settings. 

What is Experiential Education? 

  • Structured learning under the supervision of preceptors (pharmacists and other licensed professionals) in a real pharmacy setting outside of the classroom
  • Augments classroom education by providing experiences in many contemporary aspects of pharmacy practice
  • Practice sites include: 
    • community pharmacies
    • hospitals
    • ambulatory care clinics
    • research laboratories
    • managed care facilities
    • academia 
    • government agencies 
  • Goals: to provide students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and develop the skills required of a practicing pharmacist. 

Why is Experiential Education Important? 

Opportunity to... 

  • apply what you have learned in the classroom and in the laboratory to real-world settings
  • problem solve, develop skills, and provide patient care services 
  • make decisions based on professional knowledge and judgment
  • interact with diverse patient populations 
  • network and collaborate with established clinical practitioners 

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE)

Student and Older Adult Relationship (SOAR) Project
  • First-year students
  • Follow a 4th year student on rotations
  • 2 hours per week at a long-term care facility with geriatric patients
Community and Institutional (Hospital)
  • Second-and Third-year students 
  • 120 hours each
  • Longitudinal, summer or winter 

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

  • Seven rotations (6 weeks long) for fourth-year students (232 hours minimum)
  • Four required rotations
  • Three elective rotations

Unique Experiential Education opportunities

  • Arizona-wide and out-of-state APPE rotations (and IPPE rotations on a limited basis) 
  • International APPE rotations
  • Rural Health Professions Program

Where and how does Experiential Education fit into Pharmacy School? 

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