Approving Rotation Hours

This page describes the steps to correctly approve or deny your student's rotation hours in CORE Elms.

Preceptor Instructions

  1. Login to CORE Elms (RXPreceptor).
    Select "Hours Tracking/Timesheet". 
  2. Pending rotation dates and total number of pending hours will appear.
    Click the "Open" icon under the Doc column. Students are required to upload the form to CORE Elms. 
    If you do not see one, please do not approve the hours. The students should have asked you to sign this document before it was uploaded.
  3. If the hours are approved,
    Select "Confirm" and "Update".
  4. If you deny the reported hours,
    Select "Deny" and type a comment explaining why the hours are not approved.
    Click "Update" and please contact the student to let them know he/she needs to modify and resubmit his/her hours.