Below are pre-approved courses for PharmD students 

Before registering for any of the electives, here are a few reminders:

  • For elective courses offered outside the College of Pharmacy, (courses not from PHPR, PCOL, or PHSC) an Elective Course Enrollment Request Form must be completed. Email petition forms to Barb (Tucson) or Drew (Phoenix). 
  • If you are interested in enrolling in an independent study, please meet with a faculty member to fill out an Independent Study Registration Form. Submit forms to the Office of Student Services, either by email or in-person.
  • Be sure to double check course prerequisites before registering.
  • If a course is listed as 400/500 level, PharmD students must register for the 500 level course to receive elective credit.
  • All 600 level courses require completion of an undergraduate degree.
  • If you are interested in enrolling in a course not on the pre-approved list, submit an Elective Course Petition Form and a course syllabus to Barb (Tucson) or Drew (Phoenix).
  • Any additional questions? Check out our Elective Course Q & A page!


Phoenix and Tucson Campuses via Video Conference or Online

Course Name
Course #
Arts and Community Health: Intercultural Perspectives and Applications: Part III - Aging (1) AIAR 524C online Sp
Biostats in Public Health (3) BIOS 576A online Sp
Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (3) BME 577 online F
Evironmental & Occupational Health (3) EHS 575 online F
Basic Principles of Epidemiology (3) EPID 573A online F
Principles of Public Health & Health Informatics (3) EPID 678 online, formerly CPH Sp
Clinical & Translational Research Seminar (1) EPID 696T online  F
Latino Health Disparities (3) HPS 525 online  F
Project Design & Implementation in Global Health (3) HPS 529 online  F
Nutrition, Health and Development (2) HPS 530 online, 7wks Sp
Global Health (3) HPS 533 online Sp
Infectious Diseases, Global Health, & Development (3) HPS 534 online Sp
Sociocultural & Behavioral Aspects in Public Health (3) HPS 577 online F
Health Care Ethics (3) LAW 515 online Sp
Clinical Research Ethics (3) LAW 575A online Sp
Leadership and Equity in the Life Sciences LAW 575D online Sp
Drug Discovery, Development, & Innovations to Reach the Marketplace (3) LAW 576A online F
Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (3) LAW 577 online F
Development & Innovation: Biologics, Devices, & Diagnostics (3) LAW 577A online Sp
Legal & Regulatory Aspects for Health Care Delivery (3) LAW 578A online F
Legal & Regulator Fundamentals for Health Care Business (3) LAW 579B online Sp
Introduction to Privacy (3) LAW 580 online Sp
Translational Pathways for Medical Devices (3) LAW 580A online Su
Data Privacy & Cybersecurity in Health Care (3) LAW 580B online Sp
Health Information Technology LAW 580C online F
Aging in America LAW 584A online Sp
Aging and Social Justice LAW 584B online Sp
Technology and Aging: Legal & Ethical Developments (3) LAW 584C online F
Liability & Regulation of Healh Care Professionals (3) LAW 588A online Su
Regulatory Science Case Study Project (3) LAW 589A online F
Access to Investigational Medical Products: Clinical Trials, Expanded Access, & Right to Try (3) LAW 590A online Su
Public Health Law & Ethics (3) LAW 608A online Su
Hot Topics & Emerging Issues in Regulatory Science Colloquium (1) LAW 695D online F, Sp
Human Aging: The Aging Experience (1) MED 501 online F
Human Aging: Ethical Considerations (1) MED 502 online F
Human Aging: Biological & Psychological Perspectives (1) MED 511 online F
Human Aging: Socio-cultural and Human Diversity Perspectives (1) MED 512 online F
Human Aging: Applied Theory MED 531 online Sp
Aging Interprofessional Practice and Communication (1) MED 533 online Sp
Human Aging: Spectrum of Supportive Services and Structures (1) MED 534 online Sp
Medicine & Power in the Middle East (3) MENA 581 online Sp
Nutrogenomics for the Study of Disease Prevention and Intervention (3) NSC 575 online F,Sp
Clinical Toxicology (2) PCOL 874 online Sp
Independent Study PCOL 899 contact Barb/Drew F, Sp, Sum
Drugs of Abuse (3) PHCL 545 online S
Health Profession Finance (3) PHP 538 online S
Medicaid: Policy, Politics, and Practicality of Access to Healthcare PHP 540 online  
Special Topics - Medicaid: Policy. Politics, and Practicalities of Access to Healthcare PHP 595    
Foundations of Econ for Health Sciences (3) PHPM 506 online Sp
Health Care Economics & Policy (3) PHPM 507 online F, Sp
Health Care Marketing (3) PHPM 558 online F, Sp
Introduction to Health Care Quality & Safety (3) PHPM 561 online Sp
Health Services Administration (3) PHPM 562   F
Fundamentals of Health Budgeting & Financial Management (3) PHPM 569   F
Public Health Policy & Mgt. (3) PHPM 574 online  F, Sp
Infectious Diseases (2) PHPR 824 PhPr 860D Sp
Oncologic Diseases (2) PHPR 825 completion of 2nd yr PharmD Sp
Intro to Community Assessment (2) PHPR 826 open to RHPP only F
Health Disparities in the US (2) PHPR 828   Sp
Independent Study PHPR 899 contact Barb/Drew F, Sp, Sum
Leadership in Pharmacy (2) PHPR 833 P2 or P3 F
Foundations of Mindfulness (1) SBS 301A online F, Sp
The Mindful Semester: Mindfulness Based Study Tools (1) SBS 301B online F, Sp
The Mindful Semester: Mindfulness Based Movement (1) SBS 301C online F, Sp
Elementary Spanish for Health care Prof I (4) SPAN 125 online F, Sp
Elementary Spanish for Health care Prof II (4) SPAN 225 online F, Sp

Tucson Campus Only

Course Name
Course #
Advanced Epidemiology (3) EPID 573C   F
Skin Cancer Prevention (Community) (1-2) EPID 597S   F
Health Education Intervention Methods (3) HPS 481 CPH 178, 300,350 Sp
Public Health Nutrition (3) HPS 578   F
Addressing Healthcare Challenges with Design Thinking (3) HSD 497/597   Sp
Medicine & Power in the Middle East (3) MENA 585M   Sp
Drug Disposition and Metabolism PCOL 550 PCOL 602a Sp
General and Systems Toxicology (3) PCOL 535   F
Cellular Communications & Signal Transduction (3) PCOL 630A BIOC 462A, BIOC 462B Sp
Cellular Communications & Signal Transduction (3) PCOL 630B BIOC 462A, BIOC 462B Sp
Writing & Publishing a Review Article (2) PCOL 897A completion of 2nd yr PharmD F, Sp
Theory & Practice in Pharmacy Education (3) PHSC 611 offered even yrs only Sp

Phoenix Campus Only

Course Name
Course #
Public Health Practice Seminar (2) PHP 696V   F