Course Equivalency Guidelines

PharmD admission requires completion of specific pre-pharmacy courses.  Whether you are taking your pre-pharmacy coursework at the University of Arizona or another institution, refer to these course equivalency guides to ensure that the courses you are completing will fulfill PharmD admission requirements.  

UA Course Options

Pre-Pharmacy Requirements
UA Course Number
Required Units
English Composition ENGL 101 + ENGL 102 OR ENGL 109H + additional composition course 6
Math (Calculus) MATH 113 OR 122B OR 125 3
Statistics MATH 163 OR MATH 263 OR BIOS 376 3
General Chemistry I CHEM 151 OR 141 + 143 OR 161 + 163 4
General Chemistry II CHEM 152 OR 142 + 144 OR 162 + 164 4
General Biology I MCB 181R + 181L 4
Physics I, Lecture Only PHYS 102 3
Organic Chemistry I CHEM 241A + 243A 4
Organic Chemistry II CHEM 241B + 243B 4
Microbiology MIC 205A + 205L 4
Anatomy and Physiology I PSIO 201 4
Anatomy and Physiolgy II PSIO 202 4
Traditions & Cultures (Humanities) One course from Tier I Traditions & Cultures or Tier II Humanities category 3
Individuals & Societies (Social Sciences) Two courses from Tier I or Tier II Individuals & Societies category 6
Fine Arts or Literature One course from Tier II Arts category 3
Diversity Emphasis One approved Diversity emphasis course, may be double-dipped with other gen ed categories 0-3

Arizona Community Colleges and Public Universities

Course equivalencies for all public Arizona colleges and universities, including ASU, NAU and all community colleges, can be found on the UA College of Pharmacy Transfer Guide.  Please note that the Transfer Guide has been updated to reflect the new PharmD admission requirements for the Fall 2020 incoming class.  Equivalencies for all other transfer courses within the state can be found on the AZTransfer Course Equivalency Guide.  

Grand Canyon University

If you are a student transfering from Grand Canyon University, you may reference the GCU Pharmacy Course Equivalency Chart.  Please note that the Equivalency Chart has been updated to reflect the new PharmD admission requirements for the Fall 2020 incoming class.  

Other Universities

If you are transfering coursework from other universities, please contact our Pre-PharmD Advisors