Student Council

The College of Pharmacy Student Council serves as a communication conduit for all of the college's organizations. It is compromised of the presidents of all the student organizations and peer-elected student representatives from each of the professional pharmacy classes. As a body of constituent representatives, the council contributes to the coordination and conduct of activities and matters related to interests of the College of Pharmacy and the University of Arizona.


The members of SSHP believe that the pharmacy is a patient-care oriented clinical profession whose main purpose is to uphold the principles of pharmaceutical care. The mission of SSHP is to serve as an organization through which the membership pursues its common goals, including:

  • to provide programs and services which promote education about pharmacy in organized health care settings beyond the normal college curriculum
  • to provide information about training and career opportunities and directions in pharmacy practice in organized health care settings
  • to promote pharmacy as an essential part of the health care team
  • to represent its members before private and public agencies as well as other health care organizations

The responsibilities of the council include:

  • Coordination of activities of all organizations in an effort to reduce scheduling conflicts
  • Obtaining sponsorship for activities not associated with a specific organization
  • Dissemination of information from the administration and the faculty to the students and vice versa

2021-2022 Officers

President: Nora Sammani
Vice President (Tucson): Amanda Leluan
Vice President (Phoenix): Sammy Zimmerman
Secretary: Jennifer Ramirez
Treasurer: Cammy Yu

Student Council Documents