Phi Lambda Sigma


  1. Motivate and facilitate the acceptance of opportunities to serve in a leadership role
  2. Acknowledge leadership achievement and award membership to leaders recommended by the Society
  3. Develop and deliver programs and services to assist those who desire to serve in a leadership role
  4. Develop and deliver programs and services to sustain leadership commitment


  • Hold an annual leadership retreat for the members of Phi Lambda Sigma to fulfill Goal #4
  • Develop and maintain a student event schedule in conjunction with Student Council, to fulfill Goals #1 and #3
  • Develop student outreach program (booth at orientation, classroom visits) to promote involvement within the organizations and to offer the assistance of Phi Lambda Sigma members to fulfill Goals #1 and #3
  • Maintain Phi Lambda Sigma web page to fulfill Goal #4
  • Work toward national awards ("Leadership Challenge" and "Chapter Achievement Award") to fulfill Goal #4
  • Develop and maintain outreach campaign to alumni members to fulfill Goal #4
  • Recognize leadership potential by awarding 'Leadership Recognition Certificates' to students during Phi Lambda Sigma Spring Awards Ceremony to fulfill Goal #2


The Mission of the Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society is to foster and recognize leaders and to support leadership commitment.

2022-2023 Officers

President - Mikayla Gerdes
Vice President - Lisa Wan
Treasurer - Maddy Jaramillo
Fundraising Chair - Ketty Lee, Laura Lee, and Sammy Zimmerman
Student Development Chairs - Jennifer Ramirez and Alex Romano


2022-2023 Application 


National Organization

Phi Lambda Sigma

Faculty Advisers

Amy Kennedy, PharmD
Marion Slack, PhD