Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi Student Pharmacist Organization

About us:

The Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi Student Pharmacist Organization (APID-SPO) is an organization for pharmacy students interested in cultural development. As a member of APID-SPO, students will be able to hear from guest speakers, participate in social and educational events, and gain a perspective of APID culture as future pharmacy students. As the most accessible health care provider, APID-SPO wants to provide students an opportunity to make a connection with local networks, represent the pharmacy profession, and experience making a direct impact in their local community. Most of all, students will have the opportunity to network with their peers as well as alumni PharmCats.


  • To enhance cultural awareness and cultural competency among student pharmacists.
  • Reach out and work with local APID communities to explore, improve understanding, and help resolve the unique challenges, obstacles, and healthcare issues specific to the APID communities, including the use of traditional medicine.
  • To further the profession of pharmacy through the unity and collaboration of many cultures and backgrounds at The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and service to the community focused on, but not limited to, those of Asian descent.

2021-2022 Officers

President: Lisa Wan
President Elect: Crystal Vo
Vice President: Ngoc Nguyen
Treasurer: Nat Hogan
Secretary: Sammy Zimmerman
Member at Large: Ifrah Khokar
Marketing Chair: Jerry Zeng
Social Chair: Laura Lee
Professional Development Chair: Ravleen Kaur Singh
Membership Chair: Sandy Phan
Health Fair Chair: Jiayu Zhu

Faculty Advisor: Michael Katz, PharmD


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