Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Managed care pharmacy is an organized health care delivery system that aims to improve quality and accessibility of health care in the most cost-effective manner. Managed care pharmacy is the practice of designing and implementing drug benefits for the more than 200 million Americans who are covered by health insurance. Pharmacists optimize health care by improving population health, patient experience and reducing total cost of care.

Pharmacists in managed care are involved in developing and implementing comprehensive programs that deliver effective medication therapies and specific patient-care services to achieve positive patient outcomes. Managed care pharmacists are involved in:

  • Health plans
  • Pharmacy benefit managers
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Academia
  • Community pharmacy

The settings in which Managed Care Pharmacists may apply their expertise include, but are not limited to: 

  • Formulary drug management
  • Drug distribution process
  • Patient safety
  • Clinical program development
  • Communications with patients, physicians and pharmacists
  • Plan benefit designs
  • Business management and contracting
  • Cost management

As a student, you will benefit from an early start! Learning managed care principles will help you to develop and further your career, no matter which field of pharmacy you choose to practice.


AMCP’s mission is to empower its members to serve society by using sound medication management principles and strategies to improve health care for all.

Managed care pharmacy principles are based on the use of scientific evidence to achieve healthy outcomes while making the best use of money spent on medications and their management.

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