Article I: Officers

  1. The officers of this chapter shall be as follows: President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Fundraising, Secretary, Communications/Public Relations Chair, Alumni Liaison, Pledge Education, Historian, Projects/Program Chair.
  2. Election of officers shall be as follows:
    1. The officers shall be elected for a term of one year beginning in April of each year.
    2. Voting shall be by secret ballot. A simple majority of members present and in good standing shall be necessary for the election of an officer.
    3. Officers shall be nominated by the members in good standing, providing the nominee has given prior consent.
    4. The nomination shall be presented at the regular meeting prior to elections. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the election meeting, providing that hte nominee had given prior consent.
    5. Election of officers shall be held at a designated meeting in the month of March. The new officers shall be installed during the month of April, and the regular meeting shall follow.
  3. After a brief orientation period by their respective predecessors prior to installation, the officers shall assume their respective duties immediately upon installation. The installation shall be no longer than the first meeting in April.
  4. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice-President automatically becomes President. The office of Vice-President shall be filled at the next regular meeting by election. Vacancies of other offices shall also be filled by election at the next regular meeting.
  5. An officer may be removed from office by three-fourths vote of all members in good standing.
  6. Duties of officers are as follows:
    1. General duties of the officers of this fraternity:
      1. To assist in initiations
      2. To meet with the officers at meetings call by the President
      3. The out-going officers shall advise the incoming officers in all matters concerning their position
    2. President - the duties of the president shall be:
      1. To preside at meetings
      2. To appoint committees
      3. To become familiar with the officers' duties and instruct them
      4. To call special meetings
      5. To direct initiations
      6. To have supervision over the chapter
      7. To appoint additional officers upon approval of the chapter

      c. Vice-President - the duties of the Vice-President shall be:
      1. To become President in the event of vacancy of the office
      2. To act as President in the absence of the President
      3. To supervise all committee work
      4. To instruct the activities in fraternity matters
      5. To serve as Pledge Trainer with the following responsibilites:
         a. Rush party coordination 
         b. Pledge ritual coordination
         c. Pledge training and exam
         d. Initiation Ritual coordination
      6. Responsible for coordination of all other rituals and ceremonies
      7. Responsible for cleaniless and storage of ritual and ceremony symbols

      d. Secretary/Chaplain - the duties of Secretary/Chaplain shall be:
      1. To keep records of proceedings, keeping files of all letters received and copies sent
      2. To make reports required by the national executive office and keep duplicates on file
      3. To keep a list of all initiates and members
      4. To perform such duties as are put forth in any ceremony of the fraternity
      5. To perform chaplain duties as are put forth in any ceremony of the fraternity
      6. Responsible for recognition of initiates and members' birthdays


e. Treasurer - the duties of the treasurer shall be:
1. To inform the members about dues
2. To keep an accurate record of all money received and expended
3. To make a monthly report to the chapter
4. To pay all financial obligations of the chapter
5. To make an annual report to the national executive office
6. Responsible for fundraiser activities

f. Historian/Reporter - the duties of the Historian/Reporter shall be:
1. To keep a scrapbook of the articles and papers concerning the chapter and the events of the fraternity
2. To act as general publicity chairman for the chapter

Article II: Meetings

1. This fraternity shall meet once a month. Additional meetings shall be held as necessary.
2. For any meeting of this chapter, a quorum shall consist of one-third of the members in good standing.