Laboratory Rotations & Research

The graduate programs in Pharmacology and Toxicology require first-year students to do three to four rotations. The objective of the rotations is to introduce the graduate student to research and familiarize him or her with the scope and nature of the faculty's research endeavors.

The research laboratory rotation constitutes a major part of the first year graduate curriculum and performance in the rotation will bear heavily upon overall evaluation of the student. Performance criteria to be used by the laboratory director will include assessment of the student's initial familiarity with the research, development of library and literature skills, ability to apply the scientific method and use pharmacological and toxicological principles, development of laboratory skills, attitude toward the research project and a final written report/or oral presentation prepared by the student.

By the end of the first year’s rotations, students will have selected a faculty adviser who will guide their dissertation research for the remainder of their graduate studies.