Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Science (MSPS) Program Track

The MSPS degree provides a broad background in Pharmaceutical Sciences for students pursuing advancement in their careers or exploring the pursuit of an advanced degree.  

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The goal of the MS program is to provide students with a broad background of courses in a variety of areas in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacology & Toxicology.  Students will take courses in the areas of Drug Discovery & Development, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmaceutics, and Health & Pharmaceutical Outcomes.  The program is ideal for students pursuing advancement in their careers or exploring future academic opportunities in the health sciences.  Those interested in the Ph.D. programs in the College of Pharmacy will have an opportunity to pursue optional research in the summer and apply to the program in the fall of their second year.  Courses taken in the MS program can be transferred to a PhD degree. 

Application Requirements

Students applying to this program should have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, biochemistry or pharmacy with adequate preparation in mathematics.  Apply through the University of Arizona Graduate College.

Course Information 

Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 units specified below, including:

A minimum of 33 units of course work in the area of the major subject including 3 seminar units and 2 units for the final semester presentation, will be counted towards the student’s Plan of Study.  Please note that seminar registration is required every semester.  


PCOL 530 Topics in Drug Discovery (Fall) 2

PCOL 535 General and Systems Toxicology (Fall) 3

PCOL 520a Cellular Communications and Signal Transduction (Spring) 4

PCOL 596a Student Seminar (1 credit/fall semester) And PCOL 596e Journal Club (1 credit/spring semester) 2

PHSC 501 Introduction to Pharmacology, Drug Discovery & Pharmaceutics (F) 4

PHSC 502 Pharmaceutics (Fall) 3

PCOL 505 Current Techniques in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Fall) 3

PHSC 670 Principles in Drug Discovery, Design and Development (Spring) 4


BIOS 576a Biostatistics 3

PCOL 509c Statistics for Research (Spring, even years)

PCOL 550 Drug Disposition & Metabolism (Spring) 2

PCOL 515 Mechanisms of Human Diseases (Spring) 4

PCOL 595H Problems in the Biology of Complex Diseases 2

PHSC 543 Health Services Research Methods (Fall) 3

PHSC 513 Health Technology Assessment (Fall) 3

PHSC 511 Topics in Pharmaceutical Solids, Nanotechnology and Solid-State Particle Engineering Design in Drug Delivery (Spring) 3

Optional Research

PCOL 900 Research (Fall/Spring/Summer) 1-4


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Yin Chen, PhD
Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Skaggs, Room 232