Travel Requirements

Please review the process for submitting Travel Authorization and Employee Absence Form for expenses.

The graduate programs office oversees the initiation of graduate student travel. Therefore, students are required to see the graduate programs coordinator to fill out a travel authorization form prior to approval of any trips taken in or out of the country for UA business.  

  1. All Travel on behalf of The University of Arizona must be pre-authorized
    Even if expenses will not be paid by the university. This will ensure that:
    • Travel plans have been approved by the appropriate departmental authority;
    • Funds are available;
    • The traveler can document their official travel status;
    • Travel has a legitimate business purpose; in the best interest of the university and;
    • Travel meets the IRS Accountable Plan - All travelers, regardless of their status, must provide documentation and receipts within 30 days of travel or their reimbursements will be considered non-qualified and taxable.

  2. Graduate students should plan accordingly and apply for travel awards
    Travel awards can be available from the following sources:
  3. Complete a Travel Authorization Form
    Visit the Graduate Programs Office at least 3 weeks prior to submission of abstract and/or registration.
  4. Complete an Employee Absence Request Form

    You must wait for approval from your PI. By completing this form, you will state your anticipated expenses and your PI will state how much you will be reimbursed for your trip. This cannot be renegotiated by the student or PI after the trip. For International travel, authorization MUST be submitted one month prior to the trip, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  5. Finalize your travel expenses
    Gather your receipts and visit your graduate coordinator.

PCard Purchases

PCard (department credit card) can be used for expenses before the trip (e.g. airline tickets; abstract and registration fees). This will help with out of pocket expenses.

Conference Travel Requirements

If your trip is to a conference, you will also need to submit your receipts and a copy of the conference brochure. This will indicate the opening and closing dates of the conference, designated lodging, and any included meals, which will need to be deducted from per diem (if applicable).

  • Receipts: All receipts must have a zero balance and include the last four numbers of YOUR credit card.
  • Mileage and/or Gasoline reimbursement: Odometer readings, MapQuest printout, or gasoline receipts are required if you are claiming more than the standard map miles. 
    • Mileage is calculated at $0.445, with the exception of Phoenix, which is a flat rate of $80 (round-trip).
    • Your PI will approve the method of reimbursement.
  • Airfare: The preferred method to purchase airline tickets is with the PCard, if your PI has pre-approved your purchase.
  • Car Rental: The original itemized receipt from the car rental agency. Decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), as per University policy, it's a non-reimbursable expense
  • Lodging: Be aware, the receipt slipped under the door often does not have a $0 balance. All occupants should be listed on the final receipt. Whenever possible, bills should be split and multiple credit cards or payments listed on the final receipt. However, if one student pays for hotel accommodation, reimbursement will only be made to the student who paid with their credit card. Costs will be recovered from accounts associated with other occupants of the room. Your receipts must include:
    • last four numbers of your credit card
    • zero balance
    • hotel/motel name
    • address
    • phone number
    • dates of lodging
    • daily room charges or single room rates, if more than one person is occupying the room
  • Meals: Will be reimbursed when the trip is over 35 miles from the traveler's duty post with an overnight stay. Meals not included as part of the conference or meeting are reimbursed (at the discretion of the PI) for the actual cost of meals but not to exceed the per diem allowance rate. Meal reimbursements not allowed for stay at non-commercial establishments. No alcohol will be reimbursed.