Student Organizations

Graduate students have the opportunity to join the student organizations below.

The College of Pharmacy Graduate Student Council is an officially recognized club at the University of Arizona. This club includes the graduate students from the four graduate tracks at the college. Track representatives serve as officers. 

Club Goals
  • To facilitate communication and interaction among graduate students in different departments
  • To provide a forum for students to voice concerns and act to implement necessary changes to serve the needs of the students 
  • To act as a liaison between faculty, staff and graduate students 
  • To provide social and academic functions for students 

The Graduate Student Council promotes increased involvement of graduate students within the College of Pharmacy and interaction with the campus community. 

Club Officers 
  • Joe Adams, Secretary/Public Relations (Pharmaceuitics/Pharmacokinetics)
  • Ziyad Almatruk, Treasurer (Health & Pharmaceutical Outcomes)
  • Lisa Tran, Vice President (Pharmacology & Toxicology)
  • Marissa Trujillo, President (Drug Discovery & Development)
Faculty Advisor

Georg Wondrak, PhD, Director of Graudate Studies

The University of Arizona student chapter of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) was established in 1999. The aim of the chapter is to promote interest in pharmaceutical economics, policy and outcomes research. In addition, the chapter seeks to provide professional, philanthropic, and social opportunities to students members. 

Mission Statement
  1. To provide an environment where students can share knowledge in pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes research. 
  2. To represent student needs and wants in regards to pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes research. 
  3. To serve as a bridge between students interested in pharmacoeconomics and members of the pharmaceutical industry, health care organizations, and academia. 
  4. To provide an opportunity for members to become familiar with the affairs of ISPOR, as well as have representation in its affairs. 
  5. To provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the university community. 
  6. To provide fellowship among students and faculty. 
2020-2021 Officers 
  • President: Srujitha Marupuru
  • Vice President: Zufan Yegezu
  • Treasurer: Mavis Obeng-Kusi
  • Secretary: Soluna Whaley
National Organization

International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

Faculty Advisor

Rhys Axon, PhD, MPharm, MS


The purpose of the UA American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists student chapter is to provide a link between students and the professional world. Affiliation with American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists provides graduate and PharmD students with access to research journals, career centers, internships, grants and travel scholarships. Students present their posters at the annual AAPS conference, where they can make connections and network with other professionals while listening to information speakers. 

National Organization

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

Faculty Advisers

Samuel Yalkowsky, PhD