Program Requirements

This section describes the requirements of students in UA College of Pharmacy graduate programs. 

Responsible Research

Students are expected to follow all UA policies and procedures for responsible research. Click on the links below to read about areas of particular note. The principal investigator with whom you are working will let you know what training is required for your lab. More information can be found at the following links: 

UA Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research
Risk Management Services

MS Requirements 

Graduate students are responsible for knowing graduate requirements of both the Graduate College of their academic departments. Visit MS Requirements for the details on your master's degree requirements. 

PhD Requirements

Graduate students are responsible for knowing graduate requirements of both the Graduate College of their academic departments. Visit Phd requirements for details on your PhD degree requirements.

Photograph Release Agreement

All current graduate students at the UA College of Pharmacy are required to fill out a Photograph Release Agreement Form to use photographs taken of them for use in university publications such as their student profile page, recruiting brochures, newsletters, and magazines, and to use the photographs on display sites or other electronic form or media, and to offer them for use or distribution in other non-university publications, electronic or otherwise, without prior notification. Please fill out the Photograph Release Agreement and email to Sonya Basurto at: 

Instructional Assistant Duties

Instructional Assistants (IA) are required to fulfill duties as assigned in their first year and ABBS (in fall of the second year) in the program. IA's should refer to their respective Handbook for additional information.

Proctoring Duties

All COP PhD graduate students Irrespective of their admission route, track affiliation, and funding source, provide service as a proctor (2 exams each semester).  This refers to all studentsare required to fulfill proctoring duties as assigned each semester through their academic career.  You will receive further instructions as to your duties and the semesters proctoring schedule.

Individual Development Plan

Graduate students are required to prepare and submit a written Individual Development Plan (IDP) as part of their Annual Report. The IDP allows the graduate student to determine training goals, needs for professional development, and career objectives to be presented and discussed at the Annual Committee Meeting. The IDP is to be prepared according to AAAS guidelines and submitted online at:

GA Career Conversation Evaluation Form

All Graduate Teaching Assistants/Associates (TA), Graduate Research Assistants/Associates (RA), and Graduate Outreach Assistants/Associates (OA) must complete an end of term evaluation (GA conversation). This includes students who are graduating this spring or summer. The end of the term evaluation is intended to be a tool for both the student and the department to monitor and facilitate teaching/research improvements and to assist with the GA’s professional development.

Student Recruitment

All current graduate students at the UA College of Pharmacy are required to participate in recruiting new graduate students. The main event in this process is the three-day graduate student recruitment event the college holds each January. More information about your involvement in student recruitment will be provided to you. 

DS2019/120 Update

If you are renewing your VISA or updating your DS2019/120 visa, please give a copy immediately to the graduate studies office in the R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy, Drachman Hall B306D.