Awards for Excellence Nomination Form

This section includes details about the criteria on which nominees will be judged plus the online form that must be submitted to nominate a candidate for an Award for Excellence.

For an overview of the awards process, go to the Awards for Excellence page.

Your written nomination materials submitted via this nominating form should address the criteria listed below. Nominations need not address all criteria, but the more information you include in any category, the stronger the nomination. If you think a candidate is deserving because of actions that do not fall in any of the areas below, please explain in detail.

Outstanding achievement on the job -- actions that constitute performance beyond expected standards, such as:

  • demonstrating outstanding communication skills that result in improved work outcomes or actionable goals
  • assisting beyond regular job duties when unit is short-staffed
  • participating on committees or special work groups and contributing to achieving success
  • exhibiting outstanding organizational and time-management skills that result in improved work outcomes
  • producing a high quality and/or high quantity of work over an extended period of time

Exceptional contributions toward the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the college -- actions that contribute to improved use of resources, such as:

  • developing innovative solutions or improving existing ones to save resources and/or improve outcomes
  • taking initiative to implement positive change; questioning existing paradigms
  • eliminating unnecessary actions or steps for delivering service or achieving goals
  • integrating information or equipment to increase efficiency or improve systems
  • finding ways to achieve desired outcomes despite obstacles

Outstanding service to other employees, students, faculty, visitors  or others -- actions that are especially helpful or build positive relationships, such as:

  • understanding and respecting roles of various team members; completing own responsibilities in manner that supports the whole
  • taking positive actions for others that are beyond job requirements; being so helpful that others take notice (for instance, write letters of appreciation); performing job functions in an exceptionally helpful, courteous and cooperative manner
  • supporting and recognizing the contributions of others; building camaraderie and fostering community

Distinguished efforts in professional development, teamwork or leadership -- actions that result in opportunities for COP employees to grow professionally and to reach job-related goals, such as:

  • approaching problems as opportunities
  • pursuing opportunities to improve own skills and abilities and/or those of others
  • contributing to an exceptionally supportive, team-oriented environment; creating a supportive work environment in which team building can occur naturally
  • providing supervision or mentoring in a manner that promotes outstanding teamwork and cooperation
  • developing programs that provide increased opportunities for employees to upgrade abilities and skills or better understanding


Due before 5 p.m. Friday, March 17, 2017.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
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