Directions to Drachman Hall

Directions are from the metered visitor parking area of the UA-permit parking lot nearest the College of Pharmacy, east of the buildings. You can enter the lot from Mabel Street or from Warren Avenue. The parking meters are multi-space, solar powered, digital parking pay stations. For more information, including costs, visit the UA's Parking Pay Stations web page.

Drachman Hall, which houses both the College of Pharmacy and the public health college, is directly north of the eastern terminus of Tucson's modern street car. The street car is a convenient way to travel to the main UA campus and to downtown Tucson.

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Drachman parking map


From the metered parking lot adjacent to Campbell Avenue (Bigger yellow lot on map)

Traveling north from the intersection at Speedway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue, take the first left-turnout, at Mabel Street.

Metered parking is on the north side of the parking lot.

There are two buildings west of the parking lot. Drachman Hall is the building on the left.

Bridge of Drachman HallWalk toward the two buildings; there is a walkway that runs between them.

Stay on the walkway and turn left into the courtyard between the two building-halves of Drachman Hall. You will notice the buildings are connected by a glass bridge on the second and third floors.

The College of Pharmacy-Pulido Center is located in the right (west) half of Drachman Hall. The UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is the east wing.

There is an elevator next to the Student Services Office of the College of Pharmacy and an outdoor stairway to the second and third floors.

Originally posted: August 29, 2013
Last updated: September 8, 2016
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