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When you have nearly 500 really smart students and more than 40 renowned faculty members all working hard to learn and discover, you have many success stories to tell. And that doesn't even account for the great things our 3,000+ alumni, 700 preceptors and many other supporters are doing in their lives. Learn more about the people and programs here at the College of Pharmacy. Just click on one of the tabs below to read more about our students, research, and accomplishments.

Updated: Tuesday, 08 October 2013

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    Join us May 22, 2014, for a live Twitter discussion of rattlesnakes, how to avoid close encounters with rattlers, what to do if bitten and what snake venom does to a human body. Experts from the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center and from the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum will answer questions.

  • Thu, May 1, 2014