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iCal Feed for Pharmacy Events


iCalendar (*.ics extension) is a widely-used format for calendar events. The College of Pharmacy provides an .ics feed of calendar events that you can subscribe to using the link above.

Note that multi-day events are excluded from this feed, because of display problems on some calendar clients.

You can probably import the calendar feed into:

  • your Google calendar (and from there to your Android device)
  • your Apple computer's iCal application (and from there to your iPhone or iPad)
  • the Lightning calendar add-on to your Thunderbird email client
  • Mozilla Sunbird
  • your Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 account

In order to connect the feed to your iPhone or iPad, or to your Outlook 2011 for the Mac account, you may need to subscribe to the feed via a Mac and then sync to your device via iTunes or iCloud. You can also try emailing the URL of the feed (see above) to yourself, then accessing your email on the iPhone and clicking on the link.

To subscribe to the feed via an Android phone, import the calendar feed into your Google Calendar account, and you should then be able to access your Google account from your Android phone.

Instructions for Google, iCal, Lightning and Outlook 2007 can be found here:

More info here:

and here:

Originally posted: August 29, 2013
Last updated: November 3, 2014
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