Internship Colloquium

The NCPA/SSHP Pharmacy Internship Colloquium

Each year the interest areas of UA pharmacy students grow and their postgraduate curiosity abounds in diversity. One way for students to gain experience in these areas of interest is to apply for pharmacy summer internships. At the University of Arizona, we have two summers off: between our first and second year, and  between our second and third professional years of pharmacy school. Using these summers as learning experiences, students can take advantage of the national and international opportunities available in specialized areas of pharmacy. Many of these pharmacy internships are paid. They include such focus areas as basic research, clinical, industrial, managed care pharmacy and many other areas.

During the month of November, NCPA and SSHP join together to hold the Pharmacy Internship Colloquium. This is an informal event to have interested students ask questions and gain feedback from students who have previously participated in summer internships. During the colloquium, students give a 3- to 5-minute presentation of their internship and tell the audience about their daily internship routine, their accomplishments and some of the pros and cons they encountered during their summer work.

This is an opportunity for you to take advantage of internships to develop your professional status and viewpoints in pharmacy. By applying for these internships you open up new venues of pharmacy practice to future University of Arizona College of Pharmacy students.

Originally posted: August 27, 2013
Last updated: September 4, 2014
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