SSHP Events

Monthly Meetings

Monthly SSHP meetings offer interested students excellent opportunities to not only interact with their peers over lunch (which SSHP usually supplies), but also to learn more about the field of pharmacy, all while participating in an extracurricular activity. During these meetings, upcoming events and voting issues are discussed. In addition, SSHP meetings often serve as a forum for invited professionals to speak about their experiences in the field of pharmacy. This provides attendees with alternative viewpoints on the field, as well as an opportunity to network with professionals outside of The University of Arizona. SSHP lunch meetings will ususally be the second Wednesday of each month.


Each year in October, SSHP and the College of Pharmacy participate in the AIDS Walk. Students from the college raise money for the walk, and all proceeds benefit the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation.

NCPA/SSHP Pharmacy Internship Colloquium

The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy students have the advantage of having their summers off during their first two years of school. As many of our students take off for vacations and a little relaxation, some participate in internships in retail, clinical, industrial, managed care and research based pharmacy positions. Each year we hold a forum in which the students who have previously participated in internships come to talk to current students in an open discussion talking about their experiences. We have also created a website which lists student responses to the internships and has a list of current pharmacy internships for students.

National Pharmacy Month

Each fall, the students at the College of Pharmacy set up a tent on the mall at main campus to teach other students at UA about the practice of pharmacy. SSHP sets up a Skin Cancer Awareness booth that includes information and samples regarding sun protection.

Clinical Skills Competition

Students are paired together to test their pharmacy knowledge and problem-solving skills against other pharmacy students. The winners at the College of Pharmacy go on to compete with other pharmacy students at the national ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting.

Residency Showcase

Each October, SSHP hosts a residency showcase at the College of Pharmacy. It provides a great opportunity for students who are interested in doing a residency to interact with residents and preceptors from different hospitals and community pharmacies around Arizona and the nation.

Originally posted: August 27, 2013
Last updated: September 4, 2014
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